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I am using hibernate and a REST service. Looking at the code below REST SERVICE, how do I extract content_id in this case using a HQL statement (Hibernate query) ?

e.g My attempt...

<query cache-mode="get" cacheable="true" flush-mode="auto"
name="Languages.getLanguageById" read-only="true">
select languageId  as id,displayName as name from Languages where id=<query-param name="languageId" type="java.lang.Long"/>



public String getLanguageById(@PathParam("resource") String id, 
                              @QueryParam("content-id")String content_id)



//Hibernate XML

 <class catalog="CONTENT" name="test.db.com.Languages" table="languages">
  <id name="languageId" type="java.lang.Long">
   <column name="languageId"/>
   <generator class="identity"/>
  <property generated="never" lazy="false" name="language" type="string">
   <column length="50" name="language" not-null="true"/>
  <property generated="never" lazy="false" name="displayName" type="string">
   <column length="50" name="displayName" not-null="true"/>
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Nevermind I found an alternate solution

public static List listObject1(String queryname,Long content_id) {
        String query = "select languageId  as id,displayName as name from Languages where id =:query_id";
        Transaction tx = null;    

        Session session = SessionFactoryUtil.getInstance().openSession();
        Query myquery = session.createQuery(query);


.......more code
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