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We have a javascript code in which url of selected image is obtained in javascript variable (src). We want to access src var in rails view to obtain the id of the selected image.Tried this by using Ajax where we tried passing the url to var created in controller but somehow the ajax call isn't working,therefore controller var always show nil value. we have tried ajax by 2 method:



    type: "POST",

    url: "index",

    cache: false,

    data: "src="+src1,

    success: function(){ 

           alert("DATA SAVED");



<%= link_to_remote "submit" , :url=>{:controller=>'album',:action =>'index' ,:var=>'src1'}%>
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Make sure your src1 variable is in scope. The easiest way—though not the best—would be to just make src global, defined right inside your script tag.

Of course global variables are frowned upon, for good reason, so once this works look at tidying up the code and getting src declared more locally, or at least namespaced.

Also, is the variable named src, or src1?

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