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I am writing a ruby module for constraint processing.

(as my little experience, mainly it's about instancialize Variables using given Domains and search&prune)

My intention

Instances of Constraint are to be initialized with a set of variable names, and a block. The block will be evaluated to check whether an initialization satisfies the constraint.

Fed with a block, its class method Constraint.subclass returns a subclass of Constraint, say Subclass1

In Subclass1, there is be a initializer with pre-defined block (the one fed to Constraint.subclass), and a class method Subclass1.invert. The latter returns another subclass of Constraint , say Subclass2, by using Constraint.subclass again.

And the pre-defined block in Subclass2 should be inverted version of the one in Subclass1

Current situation

The code more or less did as I intended. Constraint.subclass works, but it seems Subclass.invert works only if the pre-defined block are of determined arity. Else stack level too deep will occur.

EQ = Constraint.subclass {|a,b| a == b }
NE = EQ.invert
ALL_DISTINCT = Constraint.subclass {|*args| args.uniq.size == args.size}

#raised stackoverflow


in ruby1.9 are listed below. Less corelative methods are omitted, and a full version is available at https://gist.github.com/2882291

module Solver
  class Constraint # class method for a subclass
    def self.subclass &block
      Class.new(self) do
        @@block = block
        def initialize *args
          super *args, &@@block

        def self.invert # class method for a cousin class of current subclass
          p "#{self}.invert"
          new_block = proc {|*args| not @@block.call(*args)}
          self.superclass.subclass &new_block

    def initialize *vars, &block
      # block will be substituted with variable in vars
      raise ArgumentError "array of variable names is required"unless vars.is_a? Array
      raise ArgumentError "block is expected" unless block_given?
      @vars = vars.freeze
      @proc = block.freeze

    # less related methods

  # predefined constraint schema
  EQ = Constraint.subclass {|a,b| a == b }
  NE = EQ.invert

  GT = Constraint.subclass {|a,b| a > b }
  NGT = GT.invert

  LT = Constraint.subclass {|a,b| a < b }
  NLT = LT.invert

  ALL_DISTINCT = Constraint.subclass {|*args| args.uniq.size == args.size}
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Do you have unit tests that show what currently works? –  Oscar Del Ben Jun 6 '12 at 14:57
@OscarDelBen Thanks for the reminder. To my surprise, Constraint and all of its subclass shared the same class-variable @@block. –  Jokester Jun 6 '12 at 15:31

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