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Is there a way to return a non-associative array as a result of a CI db query? Say, I have this table:

id | Name
 1 | Name1
 2 | Name2
 3 | Name3
 4 | Name4

I want the names to be returned as a non-associative array.

$this->db->select('tablename')->result_array() returns an associative array.

Is this even possible in CI? I don't want to have to add an extra foreach statement if it is.

Please shed some light.

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You could just use array_values(), which returns an array containing the values of your associative array.

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I'll try that one when I get the chance. Unfortunately, I'm working on something else now. –  rgin Jun 8 '12 at 5:39

There is no built in function for this (or at least i have never seen any), I would suggest using another function for this using your foreach loop method.

There may be other ways I would suggest looking on the CI forums, im sure some else has had this problem before.

Sorry i can't be anymore help.

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