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Is there any other way to play youtube videos other than UIWebView.i want to play youtube videos in MPMOviePlayer.i have done research on it but i found no result.i got this url

Play YouTube videos with MPMoviePlayerController instead of UIWebView

please help me in doing this.thanks in advance

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And what to the answer there state? The only way to have a youtube video play inside your own app is to create a UIWebView with the embed tag from Youtube for the movie you want to play as the UIWebView's content. So there is your answer. –  rckoenes Jun 6 '12 at 14:54

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I found a solution from github : https://github.com/hellozimi/HCYoutubeParser

It's great, but sometime it can't play few links, seem like it can't get real URL video,

NSDictionary *qualities = [HCYoutubeParser h264videosWithYoutubeURL:url];
_urlToLoad = [NSURL URLWithString:[qualities objectForKey:@"medium"]];

just return nil for qualities. Anybody have idea to solve it.

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Hi guys solution for this


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It seems a great component. Thanks for the tip. –  viggio24 Jun 8 '12 at 5:46

For me this solution es better and pretty simple but elegant and it did work perfectly


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