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I have a website with lots of files using team build and deploying though web deploy packages. The problem i am having is that the packages are build from one of the machines from the farm and the time stamp will not always match. By default with web deploy that means a full site roll and with so many file and the sync across the cluster this is not optimal.

With cmd line deploy i can pass -UseCheckSum and this is solved for manual deployment. Now i'm trying to use a CI build with auto deploy and passing MSbuild arguments though my build setup. Is there a way to get this to deploy in the same manner?

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You can't do it in your MSBuild, but you can edit the Microsoft.Web.Publishing.targets file on the build server to apply -UseChecksum.

See my answer here:

UPDATE: MS has added the ability to pass the UseChecksum flag to VS 2013. To do this, add the following property to the .pubxml file:


Further information can be found here:

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NOTE TO MODS: Why did you delete my previous answer? It specifically answered the question. Color me confused. – Chris Hynes Feb 25 '13 at 20:59

If, by "MSBuild" you mean the Web Publishing Pipeline, then the answer is no. The MSDeploy msbuild task supports a UseChecksum property, but the WPP targets provide no mechanism through which you can set it. This is also true of a number of other features (like stored credentials).

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