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I need to give my body tag a page-specific id to better target css selectors.

To this end I have set up the following in my application.erb layout:

<body id="<%= content_for :page_id %>">

Inside a page's view I can then do this:

<% content_for :page_id do %>
<% end %>

The problem is that I am getting extra whitespace returned around the returned value resulting in the rendered body tag looking like this:

<body id="    some-page-id " >

This prevents the id from working. I have a workaround in place where I do this:

<% body_id = content_for :page_id %>
<body id="<%= body_id.strip %>">

But is there a way to fix this so that content_for returns its value without extra whitespace? What is causing this extra whitespace to be returned?

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What is causing this extra whitespace to be returned?

The space

<% content_for :page_id do %>
<% end %>

You could try this:

<%- content_for :page_id do -%>
<%- end -%>
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My god I feel like a fool. I was looking for space inside <%='some-page-id'%> when obviously it was the space between <% content_for :page_id do %> and <% end %>. I would delete this from shame but I think you deserve a green tick and I deserve the shame. – Pedr Jun 6 '12 at 15:07

Don't use extra ERB delimiters to set the content

<% content_for(:page_id) { "thepageid" } %>

You can go further and define a helper method

# in app/helpers/application_helper.rb
def page_id(page_id)
  content_for(:page) { page_id }

# in your template
<% page_id("thepageid") %>
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You could always make it a one-liner with:

<body id="<%= content_for(:page_id).strip %>">
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It's normal behaviour of Rails, I recommend you add "id=" inside content_for

<body "<%= content_for :page_id %>">

<% content_for :page_id do %>
  <%='id="some-page-id"' %>
<% end %>
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@OscarDelBen is correct:

This is what works:

<% content_for :page_id do %><%='some-page-id'%><% end %>
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