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I'm using a shell script to help me resolve library paths so I can send out my app bundle. I don't know much about shell scripts and was hacking something together from other pieces so I really don't know how to resolve the issue. The issue revolves around lines like done << ...

Here's some code! Note, this is based off of a Qt project.

echo "Below is the list of install_name_tools that need to be added:"
while IFS= read -r -d '' file; do
    baseName=`basename "$file"`
    #echo "otool -L \"$file\" | grep -e \"*$baseName\""
    hasUsrLocal=`otool -L "$file" | grep -v -e "*$baseName" | grep -v libgcc_s.1.dylib | grep -v libstdc++.6.dylib | grep "/usr/local\|/Users"`
    if [ -n "$hasUsrLocal" ]; then
        #echo "WARNING: $file has /usr/local dependencies"
        #echo "\"$hasUsrLocal\""

        #echo "To Fix:"

        while read line; do
            #Remove extra info
            library=`echo "$line" | perl -pe 's/(.*?)\s\(compatibility version.*/\1/'`
            libraryBaseName=`basename "$library"`
            isframework=`echo "$library" | grep "$frameworkNameBase"`

            unset fixCommand;
            if [ -n "$isframework" ]; then
                #Print out how to fix the framework
                frameworkName=`echo $library | perl -pe "s/.*?($frameworkNameBase\/.+)/\1/"`
                fixCommand=`echo "install_name_tool -change \"$library\" \"@executable_path/../Frameworks/$frameworkName\" \"$file\""`
                #Print out how to fix the regular dylib
                if [ "$baseName" != "$libraryBaseName" ]; then
                    fixCommand=`echo "install_name_tool -change \"$library\" \"@executable_path/../Frameworks/$libraryBaseName\" \"$file\""`

            echo "$fixCommand"
        done << (echo "$hasUsrLocal")
        #echo "---------------------------------------------------------"

done << (find MyProgram.app -type f -print0)

The error this prints is referring to the line done << (echo "$hasUsrLocal")

./deploy.sh: line 563: syntax error near unexpected token `('
./deploy.sh: line 563: `        done << (echo "$hasUsrLocal")'

I'll get a similar issue for done << (find MyProgram.app -type f -print0) too if I comment out some of the script. Thank you!

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I believe the author intended to use a process substitution:

done < <( find ...

You could also try piping the find into the while loop:

find MyProgram ... | while IFS= read -r -d '' file; do ... done
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Thanks, this helped me with Googling for a fix! –  user869525 Jun 6 '12 at 15:18

I fixed it! Thanks to William Pursell for the keyword "process substitution." That gave me ground to "Google."

I noticed it was a spacing issue. Needs to be spaced like done < <(echo "$hasUsrLocal") for example!

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The << symbol is for here-documents. What you probably want is redirected process substitution:

< <( : )

The <(command_list) construct is for process substitution, while the first less-than symbol redirects standard input of your loop to the file descriptor created by the process substitution that follows it on the line.

Pro Tip

This is a handy but confusing syntax. It really helps to read it from right to left.

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