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I have a range slider and I have an image for the selected part of the slider. range slider

The problem is that when I move the left slider, the background image moves too. I would like the background image stay fixed. The only way I can think of doing this is to calculate how many pixels the slider was moved and subtract that from the x position of the background image. Is there any other easier way to do this.

.ui-widget-header{ //selected part of the bar
        background: url('../images/elements/sliderBarSelected.png');

That's the code to change the background.


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I think it's not possible to do it with css. Because the ui-widget-header's width is set dynamically you need to dynamically change background-position of the background-image with 'slide' callback.

Also you can try using:

background: url('../images/elements/sliderBarSelected.png') 50% 50%; 

so the effect will be the same for both sliders.

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try using background-attachment: fixed

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