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Is there a way to make bazaar to ignore all executable files under Linux? They don't have a particular extension, so I'm not able to accomplish this with regexp.

Thank you very much.

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If all your executables were under a certain directory, you can ignore the directory content (eg. bzr ignore "mybindir/*"). I realize this isn't exactly what you want, but other than bialix's work around I don't think there is a better answer at the moment. It might be possible in future to add a keyword like EXECUTABLE: to the .bzrignore file which will indicate what you need. Even better would be to be able to chain them eg. EXECUTABLE:RE:someprefix.+ .

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According to bzr ignore -h there is no pattern to select executable files.

But you can ignore them one by one.

find . -type f -perm /111 -print0 | xargs -0 bzr ignore
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You can ignore all files without extension with following regex: RE:\.?[^.]+ but it will also ignore all directories and symlinks those don't have "extension", i.e. anything after dot.

Sometimes it's undesirable, so if you don't have a lot of executable files you'd better ignore them by name.

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