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I try to use "Order by" to order a list of Dates beginning by the earliest in VB.Net.

The variables and methods are:

Dim SetupStart As DateTime 
Dim SetupTimeList As New List(Of Date)

'the methode p.ReadFieldDateTime is used to connect to an SQL database and read the field Setup Time

SetupStart = p.ReadFieldDateTime("Orders", "Setup Time", record)

Dim SetupTimeListeOrdered = from SetupTime In SetupTimeList
Order By SetupTime

I hope this code snippet makes sense, if it doesn't make any sense I would be glad if some one could show me how to order this list ascending by the earlist date.

Thanks for your help!

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Yes, that makes sense :) But why haven't you simply tried it out yourself? –  Tim Schmelter Jun 6 '12 at 15:48

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You want to use the OrderBy(...) extension for IEnumerable like this:

Dim SetupTimeListeOrdered = SetupTimeList.OrderBy(Function(d) d)

I'm not super sure about the VB.NET syntax though, sorry.

In C#: `List SetupTimeListOrdered = SetupTimelist.OrderBy(d => d);

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By testing the following code, it works good, I am not sure about the Method you are using to get the Date values:

Sub Main(args As String()) Dim dtList As List(Of Date) = CreateListofDateTime()

    Dim NonOrderedList = From t In dtList

    Console.WriteLine("Non Ordered List")
    For Each item As DateTime In NonOrderedList

    Dim OrderedList = From t In dtList Order By t
    Console.WriteLine("Ordered List")
    For Each item As DateTime In OrderedList
End Sub

Function CreateListofDateTime() As List(Of DateTime)
    Dim dtValue As New DateTime()
    Dim ldtListTosendBack As New List(Of Date)()
    dtValue = DateTime.Now

    dtValue = DateTime.Now.AddDays(5)
    dtValue = DateTime.Now.AddDays(-5)
    dtValue = DateTime.Now.AddDays(-9)
    dtValue = DateTime.Now.AddDays(-10)
    Return ldtListTosendBack
End Function
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