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I have a simple drawing application, with which you can color cells of a table, and if you hold the mouse button down, you can color multiple cells as you move the mouse. See example here:

It works well, the only problem is that in some cases on mousehold the browser thinks I am doing a drag and drop so it doesn't stop on mouseup, only if I click with the mouse.

Does anybody know a way to prevent the drag and drop function or have any idea how to work around this problem?


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I believe this should do it:

            $('td').mousedown(function(e) {    
                isMouseDown = true;

You may also want to add your mouseup event to the whole body so that if the mouse goes outside of the box and then the button is let go of, it still resets.

            $("body").mouseup(function() {
                isMouseDown = false;

On a side note, don't put html and body tags in jsfiddle or style tags in the css pane.

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Thanks for your help man! It's awesome! Also thanks for your side notes! – Zoltan Jun 6 '12 at 23:19

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