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How do you install a specific version of a formulae, in Homebrew? - in my case; Grails 1.3.7

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Btw, Grails is distibuted as a Zip file, you can download any specific version and extract it anywhere in your system. Just it. And you can start using it, without any extra steps. It's also helpful when you want to have different versions. –  Igor Artamonov Jun 7 '12 at 3:08
See also: stackoverflow.com/q/3987683/320399 –  blong Jan 2 '13 at 21:51

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Go to your brew base,

cd /usr/local/

list the versions of grails,

brew versions grails

select the version you want (1.3.7)

git checkout 232acd0 /usr/local/Library/Formula/grails.rb

and now install like normal,

brew install grails

which will install version 1.3.7

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Rob Brinkman offers a bit more detail on this approach: http://blog.jdriven.com/2012/09/quick-tip-installing-a-specific-grails-version-on-os-x-using-homebrew/

Paraphrasing here:

brew unlink grails
brew versions grails
cd `brew --prefix` 
git checkout <some hash> <path to formula, i.e. /usr/local/Library/Formula/grails.rb>
brew install grails # install grails
git checkout -- /usr/local/Library/Formula/grails.rb # reset formula
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