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I'm developping a web application with Spring MVC, and I'm totally new in web design I want to write my Views, but i don't really know how to design all of that, I need about two views, One form for an advanced search for items, and the other for viewing results.

is there any framework or facilities that i can begin with ?

I've skimed view Technologies part in the spring documentation, I found:

  2. Tiles
  3. Velocity & Freemaker
  4. XSLT

Is that all i can use ? which one you recommand.

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The mostly used view implementation (which also has best tool support) is JSP/JSTL.

From the Velocity/Freemarker family (sort of) you can look at ThymeLeaf - it's clean and really easy to learn. It also gives you ability to use natural templating - HTML files which, without changes, work in web application (as SpringMVC views) and when opened directly in browser.

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