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In MODx Revolution, while using getResources and a custom date TV (called: press-release-date), how can I limit my results by year (using a URL param to set the year, so I could enter any year)?

For example, my URL has page.html?year=2012

I want my results from getResources to only include ones associated with that year. I believe I want to use the &where property (if so, I am certainly botching the formatting):


I've also tried



UPDATE: This is the full code I am using currently:

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I ended up going a different route for the sake of time, but I am leaving this question open in case someone else has some more feedback in the future. Thanks everyone! – Jason Vendryes Jun 7 '12 at 19:19

You are going to want to use the &tvFilters attribute: you will probably have to also &includeTVs, &includeTvsList and ~possibly~ also &processTVList. As to how to strip the post value from the url, you may have to write a quick little snippet that grabs all your url variables & sets them as placeholders. something along the lines of:

foreach($_POST as $key => $value){



Then you should be able to access them:


at a guess... not tested.:)

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You can try tvFilters instead. But you will have to translate your [[+year]] into your press-release-date date format and limit search inside intertleave:

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