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In our build scripts I use the templated hg log command to get a changelist for a particular build. This works great, but unfortunately it does not include changes in the subrepos (we have more than 10 of them). I would like to include them too, but there seems to be no such command.

I'm thinking about writing a script that:

  1. Enumerates the .hgsubstate file at the starting revision
  2. Finds out the subrepos and their starting revisions
  3. Runs hg log for them
  4. Merges and sorts the results by date.

Is there any other simpler way? Maybe a command I'm missing?

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See this question, which addresses the issue, if not a duplicate. Also, note that merged log is on the Hg Todo list. –  Mike C Jun 6 '12 at 18:35

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