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I'm enjoying the pretty amazing MongoDB in Rails by using Mongomapper but I am having problems removing records.

What is the accepted way of removing records, and also removing a whole document?

I tried using Stuff.destroy_all but it seems to crash the web server.

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Sorry, that's not well documented. I'm opening an issue for that.

See the class methods and instance methods.

my_doc.destroy    # fires callbacks
my_doc.delete     # no callbacks, just removes it from the database
MyDoc.destroy_all # fires callbacks, shouldn't crash...!
MyDoc.delete_all  # no callbacks
MyDoc.destroy("b965105ea203368234636df2", "368234636df21c64f05358a4")
MyDoc.delete("b965105ea203368234636df2", "368234636df21c64f05358a4")
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Yea, I have stumbled and bumbled quite a few times deleting stuff in MongoMapper. This technique seems to work as well:

MessageLog.destroy_all(:created_at.gte => @start_time)

Took me a while to figure out why delete_all was sooooo much faster than destroy_all :-p

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And delete_all and destroy_all also work as Plucky methods, so you can do things like:

MyDoc.where(status: 'unneeded').delete_all
MyDoc.where(status: 'unneeded').destroy_all

Depending on if you want to avoid callbacks (delete_all) or execute them (destroy_all).

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