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I am doing a website using drupal 7 and I do the registration by FB manually I don't wanna use any available module in drupal.

now I want to get the fb friend list of the user who connect to my site and get whose of his friends also connected to my site too.

any suggestions ?

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$friends_list = file_get_contents('https://graph.facebook.com/me/friends?access_token=' . $atoken );
$friends_list_array  = json_decode($friends_list,true);
$arr= $friends_list_array['data'];
$friend_ids_arr = array();
foreach($arr as $friend) {
    $friend_ids_arr[] = $friend['id'];
$friend_ids = implode("," , $friend_ids_arr);
echo $friend_ids; // output: id1,id2,id3...etc
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any suggestions ?

How about: Read documentation …?

The user’s friendlist can be accessed via the Graph API under /me/friends

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