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I teach OpenCV, and I want to write a small test app. And have a question. What algorithm would you advise to fill the contour (close to a rectangle) with image?

Thanks a lot!

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it would be better if you could add an image and then explain your question. –  Abid Rahman K Jun 6 '12 at 19:41

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Assuming you know the location of the rectangle you would like to fill, you could simply set a ROI (region of interest) and perform some processing on that region (maybe a grayscale conversion), or even copy another image to that location. I've already demonstrated how to set a ROI and perform some processing on that area.

If you want to add 2 images I suggest you check the official tutorial, this post, and this demo: the magic happens through cvSetImageROI() and cvAddWeighted().

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A combination of warp to deform the src image to match the shape of the contour and addWeighted to replace destination image pixels with the source in the new shape

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