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I am trying to use Advanced Installer as an application installer and auto-updater. Most of the resources is available on Advanced Installer website only.

Have any one used it before? I would like to hear more about bugs / stability issues if there are, especially auto-update feature

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Regarding the bug/stability issues, you can see from the release history the frequency on auto-updater bug fixes (six this year - four in v9.2 and one each in v9.1.1, v9.0.1 and v9.0).

What I've noticed is that occurring issues are promptly solved.

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I posted earlier the following:

I have used the free version of Advanced Installer, including its auto-update feature, and I have not experienced any problems with it.

Please note that I was talking about the ability of Advanced Installer MSI scripts to automatically remove older files when upgrading to a newer version of a program. I was not talking about the ability of the application to check for an update automatically. That's probably not in the free feature-set.

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I have not used Advanced Installer, however, just wanted to refer InstallJammer which is a multiplatform installer http://www.installjammer.com/, which I have been using to create application installer and easy to use and configure.

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"InstallJammer is no longer under active development." sourceforge.net/projects/installjammer –  Dean K. Jun 19 '13 at 19:30

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