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I've 10 POCO class. I'm using a simple repository pattern with unit of work with IRespoitory interface and UnitOf work class.

Is it right (normal) put all my IRepository in a single UnitOfWork instance?

Namely: 10 POCO class - 10 instance of IRepository - Only one UnitOfWork class which contains all 10 repository

IRepository<Customer> CustomerRepository {get; set;}
IRepository<Customer> CustomerRepository {get; set;}
IRepository<Customer> CustomerRepository {get; set;}
// the same for all others 7 POCo class
// ..other stff
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It's a little like the EF DataContext.

DataContext of EntityFramework is a unit of work and a little like a repository (or collection of your repositories).

I prefer to separate these things and use a dependency injection framework (like structuremap).

You can ask structuremap for IRepository<Customer> and it will give you the instance.

Separate UoW from your Repositories.

You can have one UoW class (with methods like: SubmitChanges) and then Your Repositories (each with methods like: Add, Delete, ...)

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