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How do I get the signature of built in methods? Example: dict().get(k)

>> a = dict().get
>> a
<built-in method get of dict object at 0x1003aafd0>
>> a.__doc__
'D.get(k[,d]) -> D[k] if k in D, else d.  d defaults to None.'
>> import inspect
>> inspect.getargspec(a)
TypeError: <built-in method get of dict object at 0x100377250> is not a Python function

I would like to see the result like this

>> a.some_function()
('key', 'default'=None)
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Related: bugs.python.org/issue1748064 Short summary: you can't (in CPython) at the moment. –  ChristopheD Jun 6 '12 at 19:14

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I don't think this is possible for the built-in functions in python that are implemented in C. See this bug discussion for further details.

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