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I'm trying to test my code and there is a submit button that I have to click, BUT this submit button get dynamic id name. how can I click on this key with my selenium script without using an ID.

  <button type="submit" value="Allow All" class="btn btnC bglb mfss touchable" 
   id="xhp647364382646" role="button" data-meta="0_3" 
   data-sigil="extra-perms-button blocking-touchable"> Allow All </button>
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WebElement has a submit method. If you can get a webelement which is inside the form, then you can call webelement.submit(). This is in JAVA. You should be having something similar in ruby

void submit()

If this current element is a form, or an element within a form, then this will be submitted to the remote server. If this causes the current page to change, then this method will block until the new page is loaded. Throws: NoSuchElementException - If the given element is not within a form

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how about if there are two submit on the form !? – Ali Reza Jun 6 '12 at 19:16
Can you post HTML of that form - atleast the line for both submit buttons? – A.J Jun 6 '12 at 19:31

I'm not sure what all of your code looks like and where the other submit button is but if there are 2 submit buttons, you could try doing

buttons = browser.find_elements_by_css_selector("button[type='submit']")

or something similar, that will return all the submit buttons. Notice elements is plural in the function name, there is also one that is find_element_by_css_selector(unpluralized). Then, you can access the button you want by using


then you could submit by


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