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Really annoying problem in ipython prompt in emacs:

In [128]: if 1==1:
   .....:     print "yes"
   .....: else:    
   .....:     print "no"
IndentationError: unindent does not match any outer indentation level

It looks perfectly aligned to me, not sure what trigger the error. No such problem when I do this in terminal.

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I have the same problem. And it happens in any shell in emacs (eg. eshell) after calling ipython, not only in the ipython shell (M-x ipython) provided by python-mode.el or ipython.el. –  Gonzalo Jun 12 '12 at 16:59

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You might try toggling autoindent with


since I think that has caused the problem for me before.

You can change this permanently using ipython's customization. After the proper imports (see the link) the following should work in ipy_user_conf.py:

# Emacs sets the term to dumb so we can distinguish that way
if os.environ['TERM'] == 'dumb':
    ip.options.autoindent = 0
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That solves the problem! Is there any way to save this instruction to avoid having to type it each time ipython mode is started again? –  Gonzalo Jun 18 '12 at 8:37
I added a note about making it permanent. There might be an emacs only way to call %autoindent when ipython starts, but that seems less reliable since %autoindent always toggles AFAICT. –  Ivan Andrus Jun 18 '12 at 10:07

Yeah, this is strange. On my end, using the standard python interpreter within an emacs shell works fine when evaluating your code, but using ipython fails. If you're using the python-mode.el package, you probably need to install ipython.el to get proper ipython support. OTOH, if you're using the python.el that normally ships with emacs, you may have to switch to the standard python interpreter (I believe ipython.el is only intended for use with the third-party python-mode.el package, not the python.el that emacs uses by default).

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