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I ran into a strange issue with tinyMCE that i was not able to replicate outside of my complete framework. The whole thing runs only in FireFox, as it supports only FF, therefore the issue is limited to FF.

I use AJAX calls to dynamically load one or multiple instances of tinyMCE.

However, when entering/editing text the spacebar will not work in the text editor. All other keys work, but the spacebar does not. Instead it triggers a page jump in the browser window itself.

This issue only occurs on Windows under FF 12.0

It all works perfectly fine on FF under OSX.

I was unable to find out why this would be happening. Perhaps somebody can give constructive input. Thank You!

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sounds wierd, but might be that a javascript error is causing a page jump. do you get any js errors? –  Thariama Jun 8 '12 at 7:58

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This problem is a bug in TinyMCEs input handling and occurs in some cases when TinyMCE is being introduced to a document dynamically.

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