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I need to customize the Spree (v1.1.1) menu since actually it only has the "Home" link.

I tried by creating an override as => "spree/shared/_main_nav_bar",
                 :name => "home-link",
                 :remove => "#home-link")

Here I was just trying to remove "Home" to see if it'd work. And I also tried by creating a view /app/views/spree/shared/_main_nav_bar.html.erb but nothing, I can't get it working.

How can I do? Then, why sometimes it works overriding templates while sometime I do need overrides to alter the base layout? I've read the guide but I couldn't find any explanation about this. Shouldn't it just work with my overrides/custom views?

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I've just had simmilar problems as you. As a result, I've created the gem to manage menu bars in spree: spree_essential_menus.

I think it may help you :-)

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You are matching a file that doesn't exist. The file you are looking for is at

So you want your code to look like this: => "spree/shared/_store_menu",
             :name => "home-link",
             :remove => "#home-link")

When you are looking through the spree views on github make sure you are looking at the branch for the version you are using. "_main_bar_nav.html.erb" doens't exist on the 1.1.stable branch but does on master.

As far as when to use which, that a matter of how much you want to change. If you are making small tweaks i would use deface. If you are overhauling the whole view system (often recommended on big builds) then you want to replace the views.

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