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I have a web site all developed in Django 1.4 / Python 2.7 and need a way to generate thread safe pdfs (= need to be able to generate concurrent pdf files). Need support for adding graphic/png and all reports are typically tables and lots of tables.

Running wsgi / Apache on webfaction.

What is the best lib to use (currently using reportlab and due to that it is not thread safe I need to replace it ASAP...).

/ Jens

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Have you checked out the pdfnet sdk? They have python bindings, and I've had success using them. You can download a trial version, and get started. They are somewhat lower level though, so you'll find your self building textruns and other pdf elements, with all the quirks therein.

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Thanks, have contacted them ! –  Jens Lundstrom Jun 7 '12 at 7:42
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