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I have a table named PRODUCTS with 3 columns for three different categories, i want to select all products which have any of the 3 values in any of the 3 columns. What i'm trying to do is show related products based on any of the 3 categories.

Example table:



Let's supose i'm viewing ITEM id=1, i want to do a query to show the other 2 products that have category number 2 in any of the 3 columns.

How do I do that?

Thank you very much, Andres

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i don't think this is an optimal design to start with. – Dagon Jun 6 '12 at 19:43
SELECT * FROM table_name WHERE id != 1 AND (cat1 = 2 OR cat2 = 2 OR cat3 = 2)
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So, for any given ID, find the other "siblings" that have that same category as the chosen one, in their categories?

select id as chosen_id, p1.cat as p1_cat, p2.cat as p2_cat, p3.cat as p3_cat
from products p1, products p2, products p3
p1.cat = p2.cat
p1.cat = p3.cat
// and various other qualifications like, it's not a repeat
p1.id != p2.id
p1.id != p3.id
p2.id != p3.id
// you can also do join products p3 on p3.cat = p1.cat instead of // the verbose way I did it

BTW this is a bad idea performance-wise. Best done programmatically and not in SQL.Any time you're dealing with cursor-ish queries like this, just do it with arrays in code, not in SQL

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Thanks a lot, I'll try and see what happens... I guess I better find the way to do it using PHP – user1440632 Jun 11 '12 at 18:16

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