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New to igraph. I would like to have vertex colours be defined by another parameter, preferably continuous colours (think heatmap or grayscale).

clusters_only <- as.character(temp_df$SeqID)
v_names <- data.frame(c(unique_order, as.character(temp_df$SeqID)))
graph_order <- graph.data.frame(temp_df, directed = FALSE, vertices = v_names)
V(graph_order)[clusters_only]$size <- ? #continuous colour based on variable in temp_df

Any ideas?

Much appreciated.

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You can use the color attribute of vertices to specify the vertex colors. It may be a string (containing a color name known to R) or a numeric value, in which case the color will be selected from the current palette. E.g.:

g <- grg.game(100, 0.2)
V(g)$color <- 1:100

Alternatively, you may specify the colors as the argument of plot instead of assigning them to a vertex attribute:

plot(g, vertex.color <- 1:100)
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