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How can I create an if statement based on what the previous activity was? I get to the page from an intent but it is not always from the same activity. I want some code to execute ONLY when the previous activity was a given one.

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Add an intent parameter from your 'previous' activity. You can check for it's existence in the new activity and act accordingly if it's there.

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Define an EXTRA_ to control whether such code should execute or not, and make the calling activities specify that value in the Intent if they want the code to be executed.

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in the activity that starts the new activity, add flags to your Intent

Intent nextActivity = new Intent(thisActivity.this, nextActivity.class
nextActivity.putExtra("key", "value");

in the next activity, you check for the "extra"s that came with your intent, during onCreate()

Bundle extras = getIntent().getExtras();
       //then you know what activity you just came from
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