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Does anyone know how to refresh the title bar of dojo dialog dynamically based on user's action?

For example, I click a link to open a dialog. This dialog will have different links. I then click on one of these links. This dialog refreshes, and the title bar should be update with different text?

Dialog One: Title bar text: Select Equipment | Step 1 of 3. User clicks on a link, dialog one refreshes with new content and new title bar text: Select Equipment | Step 2 of 3 (with some styling). User then clicks on a link on this dialog and it refreshes with new content. The title bar now should show: Select Equipment | Step 3 of 3.

Any answers, hints, helps are greatly appreciated.


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You can set the title attribute.

 dlg.set('title', newTitle); 

Here is an example: http://jsfiddle.net/cswing/DnBTW/

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