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I have a framework where I can only run stuff through PowerShell, but I need to run batch file commands. I'm trying to run a PowerShell Script, something like:

cmd /c blah

for blah I want to do something like:

set myPath = c:\theDir && if not exist %myPath% mkdir %myPath%

This will not work the first time I run it as the set command doesn't seem to take affect until the second line. Any ideas?

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This is because cmd evaluates variables when a line is parsed, not when it's run. To get the latter behaviour you'll have to use delayed expansion:

cmd /c /v:on "set MyPath=C:\theDir&& if not exist "!myPath!" mkdir "!myPath!"

Note also that you must not have spaces around the = in a set, otherwise you're creating a variable name with a space at the end (which is to say, your approach would never have worked anyway).

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In accordance with the question, I think you meant to concatenate those two lines in your answer into one line using the '&' , didn't you? –  djangofan Jun 18 '12 at 17:50
for %d in (some\path and\maybe\another\one) do @if not exist "%d" md "%d"
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