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How can I send JSON to the initialization of a model? I am trying to make the model dynamic based on a form:

v = new ModelObject($('#form-id').serializeJSON());

But this stores the form data as just one attribute and an object. I'd like to use the JSON attributes as the model attributes.

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You'll need to get a better serializer. I built one called Syphon, specifically to do this with backbone:


var data = Backbone.Syphon.serialize(someViewWithAForm);

var model = new Backbone.Model(data);

Or Ben Alman's serializeObject jQuery extension: http://benalman.com/projects/jquery-misc-plugins/#serializeobject

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You can populate the model with form data by using this code:

var data = {};
$.each(this.$("#formId").serializeArray(), function(index, val) {
  data[val.name] = val.value;

then call save or init the moduel with the data.

var demo = new My.Dynamic.Model(data);


var demo = new My.Dynamic.Model();
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