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i started using railway (a node.js mvc framework) and i want to use sass/less/stylus as a css render engin.
i couldn't find how to configure that in railway.
railway uses express.js so i guess i can install it via that.
i already installed stylus (and all the rest) via npm install stylus.
i also uses stylesheet_link_tag to link to my css files.
any advice will be appreciated.

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use https://github.com/emberfeather/less.js-middleware. its give u what u need

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after some research and thanks to my friend @sivan here, i found the answer.
the steps to integrate css rendering engin are (i'll demonstrate with stylus, but the rest are similar):
install stylus

npm install stylus




var stylus = require('stylus');
var cwd = process.cwd(); //your root directory

    src: __dirname + '/public', //your *.styl files here
    compress: true

app.use(express.static(cwd + '/public', {maxAge: 86400000}));

then create a file ending with .styl extension. for example: public/stylsheets/style1.styl

  color blue //your css here

and simply link to this generated .css file from your html page

<%- stylesheet_link_tag('style1') %>

more about stylus middleware here.
hope it will save time to whoever will get into the same issue.

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