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I am trying to find a function that will return the number of cells within a given range that have a number in them. I want to count the number of responses that people gave, irregardless of the value they entered in the cell.
How do I do this?

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If you are looking for a number of cells containing numeric values, then COUNT() function is what you're looking for:


If you are looking number of cells with non-blank values (numeric or otherwise), then COUNTA() is the right function:


The last formula works only if none of the cells have empty strings as values (i.e. none of the cells in the range have ="" or something equivalent in them). If that is the case, then this formula should be used instead:

=SUMPRODUCT((E7:G10<>"") * 1)
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You can use the LEN function to find the length of the input of a cell, and then test if it's greater than zero or not.

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You have to use count to count the number of numbers:


Count will not count the number of cells that do not have a number (but those don't count do they?)

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