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I would like to send an email from my server (kimsufi), to confirm registration.

So, i use nodemailer https://github.com/andris9/Nodemailer

I have this error:

Error occured
Sendmail exited with 127

What's mean ?

Thanks !

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If you are using this example https://github.com/andris9/Nodemailer/blob/master/examples/example_sendmail.js

Then replace this code

var transport = nodemailer.createTransport("Sendmail", "/usr/sbin/sendmail");


var transport = nodemailer.createTransport("SMTP", {
    host: "smtp.gmail.com", // hostname
    secureConnection: true, // use SSL
    port: 465, // port for secure SMTP
    auth: {
        user: "foo@rcorp.co.in",
        pass: "fooP@ssword"
    } });
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Make sure your sendmail path is correct. To check, open a terminal and issue:

which sendmail
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If sendmail exited with an error code, why would we think the path was wrong? –  pjmorse Feb 6 '13 at 1:54
The error is issued by the nodemailer sendmail engine, not sendmail itself. See github.com/andris9/Nodemailer/blob/master/lib/engines/… Exit code 127 is "command not found" –  flashbackzoo Feb 21 '13 at 11:50

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