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I'm trying to set up a subject field in my schema. I'm drawing from a database where a single record can have multiple subjects and the subjects are listed in a comma delimited string. Is there a way to facet on just one of the subjects?


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Do you mean: "is it possible to facet, while filtering by one of the subjects" OR "is it possible to facet on subject field" OR something completely different? –  c2h5oh Jun 6 '12 at 21:49

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if I understand well you want this, in the dih file:

        <entity name="entity"  pk="id" query="..." transformer="RegexTransformer">
          <field column="subjects" splitBy=","/>

and the query for facetting:


would that work?

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Check SolrFacetingOverview for an faceting overview.
Facet Indexing section mentions the field type you should choose for the field that you want to facet on.

You can customize the faceting using SimpleFacetParameters

You can filter the results with entities having particular value for a subject using the filter query e.g. fq=subject:"MATH"
The filtering would produce only the results matching the criteria and the facet results would include the facets from the resultset.

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