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I'm trying the following code. The line with the error is pointed out.

int[] myfunction()
      //regular code
    catch (Exception ex)
       return {0,0,0}; //gives error

How can I return an array literal like string literals?

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Like this:

return new [] { 0,0,0 };
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Woah ho, I didn't know you could implicitly type arrays! +1 –  Chris Sinclair Jun 6 '12 at 21:14
I found that new int [] {0,0,0} also works. It would be clearer in my opinion. –  sgarg Mar 22 '14 at 22:41

Blorgbeard is correct, but you also might think about using the new for .NET 4.0 Tuple class. I found it's easier to work with when you have a set number of items to return. As in if you always need to return 3 items in your array, a 3-int tuple makes it clear what it is.

return new Tuple<int,int,int>(0,0,0);

or simply

return Tuple.Create(0,0,0);
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if the array has a fixed size and you wante to return a new one filled with zeros

return new int[3];
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