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I have a client that is asking for pretty detailed information about how the landing_site attribute of an Order resource works. The documentation here says that this is set to the first page that someone visits when they come to the shop.

How persistent is this? For example, if someone visits a shop (entering via the home page, let's say) then I assume that the landing_site will be "/". Let' say that visitor then comes back a day or two later (this time via a link with a ref parameter) and visits a product page. Does the landing_site attribute update to "/products/sample-product?ref=mytoken"?

If not, how long does this value persist? Is there a way to reset it? If someone at Shopify could explain this, I think it would be something that a lot of app developers would reference.


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If the customer never creates a cart, then cookies are used to keep a reference to this data. curl -I snowdevil.myshopify.com can be used to see how persistent these cookies are:

Set-Cookie: _session_id=...; path=/; HttpOnly

This header value shows that a session cookies is being stored, which means it will expire when the user closes their browser. It also indicates that only a session_id is stored, so the session data itself is stored on the server.

The data will not be stored indefinitely on the server, because there isn't a way to know when the user closes his browser. Currently, the session data itself will expire after 1 day.


This same value will also get persisted along with any cart data when a product is added to the user's cart. So, if you look at your cookies for you shop just after adding a product to your cart, you will see there is a separate "cart" cookie which currently expires after 2 weeks. This data will persist this long, even after the user has closed their browser, but will not persist if the user deletes their cookies.


A key word to take note of here is "currently", since to my knowledge, Shopify has not made a commitment to keep this data around for a certain amount of time.

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