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Just starting on knockout.js and I can't seem to get a nested foreach to work.

JS code is

$(document).ready(function() {

    function chartValueViewModel(date, price) {
        this.date = date;
        this.price = price;

    function chartViewModel(id, name, lineType, values) {
        this.id = id;
        this.name = name;
        this.lineType = lineType;
        this.values = ko.observableArray(values);

    function liveCurveViewModel() {

        this.chartsData = ko.observableArray([]);
        var chartsData = this.chartsData;

        this.init = function() {

            var mappedCharts = $.map(chartValues,
            function(chart) {
                var mappedValues = $.map(chart.chartValues, function(value) {
                    return new chartValueViewModel(value.dateTime, value.price);
                return new chartViewModel(chart.id, chart.name, chart.liveCurveTypeId, mappedValues);


    var vm = new liveCurveViewModel();


Html is

<ul data-bind="foreach: chartsData ">
    <li data-bind="text: name">
        <ul data-bind="foreach: values">
           <li data-bind="text: price">

The outside loop renders correctly, but I get nothing from the inside loop, not even an error message. I've checked and the values field on the chartViewModel is populated.

Can somebody please point out where I've gone wrong.

Thanks in advance

Ps. I may just be tired.

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The text binding that you have on your outside li is overwriting the content inside of it, so it is blowing away your inner foreach.

You would want to do something like:

<ul data-bind="foreach: chartsData ">
        <span data-bind="text: name"></span>
        <ul data-bind="foreach: values">
           <li data-bind="text: price">
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Genius, and the explanation is great. Thanks –  mat-mcloughlin Jun 6 '12 at 21:46
It saved me, thanks a lot! –  Sanghoon Feb 5 at 16:14

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