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I have a stackpanel that keeps getting focus when I tab around in the application.

Using snoop I can see that the stackpanel has a ContentControl which has a ContentPresenter. It is the ContentControl that gets the focus. How can I disable this? And why is this default behavior?

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A StackPanel shouldn't be able to get focus unless you set Focusable="True" (default is False). Where is this StackPanel located, Window/UserControl, ItemsControl? – Fredrik Hedblad Jun 6 '12 at 22:04
What happens when you set Focusable="False" on the ContentControl? – Tyrsius Jun 6 '12 at 23:27

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This is not the default behavior, if it has been overwritten by some resource then you can reset it with


Or alternatively...

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What is the difference between these two approaches? – Drew Noakes Aug 20 at 13:16

Had a similar issue with a DataTemplate that was using a StackPanel as container. The DataTemplate was then used for ListBox items. None of the suggestions worked for me to prevent the items from receiving tab stops, until I used the following on the actual listbox:

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Works for me well! – psulek Jan 29 at 14:57

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