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I'm using phpMyAdmin 3.5.1. I did all the necessary instalation and configuration steps (created the special phpmyadmin database and tables, set up the pma user etc.). My phpMyAdmin seems to indicate that everything is set correctly.

My problem is, that I can't find, where I can add a comment to a table, or to a specific column. Where is that?

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Table comments are in the "operations" tab; column comments are via editing the column. – Sam Dufel Jun 6 '12 at 22:19
What a dumb place to put it, and that's the right answer ;-) Thank you Sam. If you want to add that as an official answer to this question, I'd be happy to award you the points. – Eric Jun 6 '12 at 22:20
Note that table comments are a function of MySQL, and the special "phpmyadmin" database isn't required for them to work. For instance, this SQL will apply a table comment (no phpMyAdmin required at all for this to work): ALTER TABLE customers COMMENT = 'Customer information'; – Josh Dec 3 '13 at 11:43
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Table comments are in the "operations" tab; column comments are via editing the column.

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A quick reference or check-list (for phpMyAdmin version 4.0.1):

a) table comment:

  • when creating new table: below columns list, Table comments field, next to Storage Engine,

  • when changing comment for existing table: Operations > Table options > Table comments.

b) column comment: always as one of last columns (Comments) in add / change columns view.

Note, that while column's comment length is unlimited (very long anyway; managed to add comment with 2000 characters), table's comment length is limited to only 60 characters (not quite much). I don't know, from where does this limitation come from (MySQL or phpMyAdmin), but it is surely odd and should be replaced -- in most cases, you have to write a much more comment for entire table than for one column.

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