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I've set up an application proxy for my app, but when I try to access the URL in my test shop, it returns a 404 error.

Proxy URL: http://localhost:3000

Path: tools/track

Test Shop Proxy URL:

When I go to that proxy URL (which I believe you can see for yourself), it returns a 404 error.

Now that I'm writing this out, I'm the issue that the Proxy URL can't be localhost?

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You can't use localhost as a proxy.

The reason behind this is that Shopify actually has to be able to send a request to the proxy location. From Shopify's perspective localhost is... itself.

You have to provide a publicly accessible address for your proxy.

There are a couple of ways to do this. The easiest/most popular way to go is either with localtunnel or Localtunnel is free but gives you different URL every time you start it. Showoff will give you a permanent address but costs money. Such is life.

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