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What is the regular expression for replaceAll() function to replace "N/A" with "0" ?

input : N/A
output : 0

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Assuming s is a String.

s.replaceAll("N/A", "0");

You don't even need regular expressions for that. This will suffice:

s.replace("N/A", "0");
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Why use a regular expression at all? If you don't need a pattern, just use replace:

String output = input.replace("N/A", "0");
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The Java API describes the first argument as a regular expression. Hence the form of the question. –  SteveT Apr 14 at 15:14
@SteveT: Yes, but my point is that there's no need to use replaceAll at all. –  Jon Skeet Apr 14 at 19:48
Ah - thanks. I didn't notice the different method you suggested. That's good to know. –  SteveT Apr 18 at 19:06

You can try a faster code. If the string contains only N/A:

return str.equals("N/A") ? "0" : str;

if string contains multiple N/A:

return join(string.split("N/A"), "0")
            + (string.endsWith("N/A") ? "0" : "");

where join() is method:

private String join(String[] split, String string) {
    StringBuffer s = new StringBuffer();
    boolean isNotFirst = false;
    for (String str : split) {
        if (isNotFirst) {
        } else {
            isNotFirst = true;
    return s.toString();

it is twice as fast

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