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I'm trying to understand how to install visualruby on a MAC. I work in ubuntu, and I've developed install instructions for Ubuntu and Windows, but I don't know the corresponding instructions for the MAC:

I know that you need to install the Glade Interface Designer. This should install the graphics toolkit, gtk2 as well. Visualruby needs gtk2. After that you can install visualruby:

gem install visualruby

My friend told me that it needs to be run in the X11 terminal. I don't understand any of this. I'd like to develop step-by-step instructions for installing it on the MAC that includes the correct version of Glade/Gtk2. I know that visualruby requires Glade version 2.6 thru 2.8. The latest version of Glade uses Gtk3 which isn't good.

EDIT: Visualruby will also require "gtksourceview2" installed (perhaps via homebrew?)

Step-by-step instructions would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm the friend referred to above. I had the best success with QuartzX11. I installed glade, gtk+ and gtksourceview via homebrew but perhaps that's not the best way.

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