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I want to SET items in an array in a dictionary. I have an NSDictionary below, an instance called"currentCityNode". In that Dictionary is an array item (amongst other things). The array item is called "TheConnections" The code below successfully reads the array.

 NSArray *theConnectionsArray = [currentCityNode objectForKey:@"TheConnections"];
 (theConnectionsArray now contains the previously loaded values '3','7', and '9')

Now I want to set ONE of the values in this array. Make the second value '7' a '5'.

I have tried a few variations, not able to get it yet.

[currentCityNode addObject:notsurewhattoputhere forKey:@"TheConnections"];
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Your array and dictionary must be mutable and something like this should work. If theConnectionsArray is already mutable then you wont have to use mutableCopy.

NSMutableArray *theConnectionsArray = [[currentCityNode objectForKey:@"TheConnections"] mutableCopy];
[theConnectionsArray replaceObjectAtIndex:1 withObject:@"5"];
[currentCityNode setObject:theConnectionsArray forKey:@"TheConnections"];
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replaceObjectAtIndex and mutable - excellent thanks. – user1278974 Jun 7 '12 at 1:56
No problem. Glad I could help. – offex Jun 7 '12 at 1:57
that must have been a mistake.I have accepted it now. – user1278974 Jun 7 '12 at 9:59

If the array you're retrieving is mutable (an instance of NSMutableArray):

[[currentCityNode objectForKey:@"TheConnections"] addObject:@"objectToAdd"];

If the array is just an NSArray:

NSArray *array = [currentCityNode objectForKey:@"TheConnections"];
NSMutableArray *mutableArray = [array mutableCopy];
[mutableArray addObject:@"objectToAdd"];
[currentCityNode setObject:[NSArray arrayWithArray:mutableArray] forKey:@"TheConnections"];
[mutableArray release];

Essentially if the array is immutable (and thus can't be added to easily) you need to create a mutable copy and assign that copy back to "TheConnections".

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