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IPython is a very useful Python Shell, I want to use it in IronPython. Is it possible?

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IPython is written in Python, so IronPython should be able to run the package as well. – Blender Jun 7 '12 at 3:56

Direct answer from the IPython FAQ :

The terminal-based shell should run on any interpreter which complies with the necessary version of Python. IPython 0.11 requires Python 2.6 or above, and as of June 2011, IronPython and PyPy both support this.

The most likely problems would come from Readline and from using the undocumented sys._getframe() function. On Windows we ship our own pyreadline, which might also work under IronPython. PyPy ships its own readline module, which IPython 0.11 doesn’t use properly; this is fixed in trunk.

If IPython does not work under a supported interpreter, please file a bug.

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I successfully made IPython 1.2 work with IronPython 2.7.4 by following the instructions in IPython's wiki page at

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