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My application is running in a master slave server. If a file upload request is going to slave server, I need to move that file to master server. Now it is only uploading to slave. It wont lsync with the master.

How can I move the uploaded file from the slave to master during the file upload time using ssh in php?

Server platform is ubuntu with apache and mysql.

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I would suggest you to use rsync over ssh run by cron. First execute:

$ crontab -e

And add something like:

*/5 * * * * rsync -e 'ssh -i [identity_file]' [src_dir] [user]@[host]:[trg_dir]

This command will sync your directories every 5 minutes. Feel free to adjust '*/5 * * * *' pattern to your needs.


$ man crontab


$ man rsync
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