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Setup a Git server with msysgit on Windows

Is it possible to host git on Windows7?

I want social coding with my friends. Because i don't want use github.com, I wonder how to make git server on windows7.

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Here are some git server You can use, Bonobo Git Server

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You can try Git Candy, A Git platform based on ASP.NET MVC. Source on:github.com/Aimeast/GitCandy, Demo on: git.53wb.com –  Aimeast Jan 7 '14 at 14:19

While I am a die-hard Git aficionado, for this particular case I would rather recomment Fossil with its fossil server or fossil winserv modes or Mercurial with its hg serve mode.

Also note that while @cen pointed you to the right question (I also voted to close this answer as exact duplicate), if by "social coding" you mean something like code sprint where a group of people sits on a LAN you might as well not mess with setting up complicated schemes as Git is able to access repos on Windows machines via shares using the file:// schema. I mean, if you want to access repo C:\devel\project on machine thebox, you can turn that folder into a share, say, project and then access it form other machines via file:////thebox/project. Usually you will need to first visit that share in Windows Explorer to make Windows authenticate you and cache your credentials. And of course the hosting machine has to have authentication properly set up as well. Which kind of reverts us back to my first point anyway. ;-)

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