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For example, I wanna watch pA

int *pA = new int[LEN];

Then in visual studio, I can see only pA[0] in watch-window

I try to view '(int (*)[LEN])pA', but it does not work

I don't want to make

int (*test)[LEN] = (int (*)[LEN])pA

to debug

How can I see dynamic allocated pointer as a static array in debugger of VS2010?

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You should probably be using std::vector<int>, though. –  GManNickG Jun 7 '12 at 6:54

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You can write pA,10 (or how many elements you want to see) in the watch window.

enter image description here

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In the Quick Watch:

  • First know the value of LEN. Say, it is 100.
  • Then, type pA,100 to see all the 100 elements.
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